Cheap Thrills

Cheap ThrillsFetch the smelling salts and get us to the fainting couch tout de suite!

Now follows a warning to all our younger readers and ladies and gentlemen of a nervous disposition: the following post is explicitly NSFSW (Not Suitable for Site Work).

Let’s start with a question: how warped do you have to be… how disturbingly perverted do you have to be…  how obscenely demented, debauched and depraved do you have to be…  To Watch Time Team with a Hard On?

In our unblinking mission to plumb the depths most other archaeology websites baulk at, we are truly sorry to have to report on a sub sub sub culture that does exactly that. With remote control in one hand and… lets not dwell on what’s in the other, they freeze frame female Time Teamers bending over, posting what are then called ‘Caps’ on to specialist internet forums. Our seasoned undercover investigators found at least three such sites before they threw in the trowel. was a bridge too far.

Who? How? What? When? Why? On all these questions, we can only concede defeat, and add yet  more questions:

Is Nothing Sacred? What’s wrong with people? Is there not enough porn out there to fill three universes without dragging the wholesome reputation of Time Team – the quintessence of family entertainment – through the filth!?!

Click HERE to be similarly disgusted (proceed with caution!)


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