Topless Mayan Calander!

September_largeKeep abreast of Armageddon this year with this salaciously saucy topless Mayan Calendar!


Tastefully posed by the Yaxha Pre-Columbian Post-Classical Period Women’s Institute, each month gives you two new reasons to get up in the morning (in spite of everything!).


In the words of the

“This topless version of the Mayan calendar is sure to get your heart racing, just before it is torn from your chest & offered to the gods by a Mayan priest. Includes sizzling swimwear shots of barely legal virgins just before they’re ritually sacrificed to help appease Acan’s wrath and promise a fruitful harvest.

Printed on genuine coffee stained paper, assembled by the weathered hands of a bearded man in a windowless room and tied together with bits of twine. Get yours before time runs out.

Click HERE to buy – mild satisfaction guaranteed!



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