The Naked Archaeologist

And now for something completely different. Reading University’s student archaeology society – RUined have been getting their kit off for a charity calendar to raise money for the summer field schools at Silchester and the Isle of Mull.

There are like, a GAGILLION gags we could roll out at this point, but it seems the local rag ‘Get Reading’ (a publication pathologyically incapable of passing a pun) has well and truly beaten us to it…

“Diggers get dirty for charity calendar”

You’ll be sure to find hidden treasure among the specimens being explored in this fundraising calendar.

Cheeky students from RUined, The University of Reading’s archaeology society, got down and dirty in their digs to get their artefacts photographed.

The Naked Archaeology Calendar was created on two digs over the summer with only the students’ tools to cover their, well, tools.

Tastefully posed, there were no old relics here with July a particular treat for the girls before everyone got wet and wild on the Isle of Mull in December.

The plucky undergraduates have been selling the calendars to raise money for the Silchester Town Life Project and the Inner Hebrides Archaeological Project.’

Yours for only £7 quid, it’s clear that our own charity appeal in conjunction with the NSPCA faces some stiff competition (Ha – missed that pun local rag – in your face ‘Get Reading!’).

Read more about this worthy and important endeavour HERE and buy the calendar HERE.

Or have a free letch at these snaps below. You dirty dirty dirty archaeologists!


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