Diggingthedirt’s Christmas Appeal!

An Archaeologist is for LifeAre you are still wondering what to give that special someone for Christmas this year?

Are you sick and tired of giving and receiving the same old tat, year in year out?

Then fear not, dear consumer, because help is at hand.

Diggingthedirt have teamed up with the NSPCA (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Archaeologists) to bring you a gift which captures the essence of Christmas – the chance to sponsor a vulnerable archaeologist desperate for your help!

Make a difference – and give the gift of joy!

Simply by clicking the donate button below, you can give the gift of joy to an archaeologist on behalf of a friend, family member or colleague. In return for just £2 a month (less than 7p a day) your sponsored archaeologist will blog relentlessly about how crap the pay and conditions are, how shite the site is, which ejit’s digging which feature wrong, how the project manager doesn’t know his arse from his elbow, how the site they were working on before was so much better, who’s shagging who, who’s not shagging who, who wants to shag who, or who’s shagging who behind who’s back. And we have three different breeds for you to choose from:

Student Archaeologists

The perfect gift for your nephews or nieces – their very own baby archaeologist!  Sponsor a gorgeous little baby archaeologist as it trains to become a proper real life archaeologist! For just £2 a month we will keep you up to date with your archaeologist’s progress, we’ll send regular updates and photos of your archaeologist as it grows up, as well as news about all its latest adventures! Warning: under no circumstances whatsoever should baby archaeologists be fed after midnight. And keep them away from water!

Multi-Purpose Archaeologists

Thousands of multi-purpose archaeologists all over the world face real challenges each and every day. They may be abused by project managers, exploited by companies, living in bed and breakfasts, struggling with alcohol and entirely dependent on crisps.  One in three archaeologists in the UK must make do without basic essentials like mulberry handbags and designer cufflinks. Your gift of just £2 a month will mean they no longer have to perform happy ending massages for Eastern European businessmen.

Project Managers

Scumbags. Don’t give ’em a dime.

If like us, you believe in all archaeologists, no matter whom they are or what they have been through, then your support is urgently needed.

Archaeologists around the world face real challenges, and are desperate for someone who will help turn their lives around. In most cases they have no one else to turn to – except the NSPCA – and now you.

As a Diggingthedirt archaeologist sponsor you’ll make a real difference to a vulnerable archaeologist who is desperate for your help. Please, please, please let as many people know about this worthy cause as possible, and join the NSPCA facebook group HERE. Never forget and always remember:


  1. Marion Ravenwood says:

    Hilarious! But the button doesn’t work. I am afraid that my chosen baby archaeologist won’t receive my donated funds. Can you help, DtD?

  2. Hmmn. That’s very strange. There appears to be a problem with our offshore account in the Camen Islands. Keep that 2 quid handy Marion, and we’ll be round to collect it later!

  3. I was so encouraged to see the DtD solicitation for the care and feeding of the wandering archaeologist of all breeds and age… esp. knowing the shagging going on in the pit, the tent, the cave, well…. you know better than I.

    I would donate not only 2 quid but also offer up a treasure trove of possibly priceless relics for a fundraiser but also cover the shipping to get the stuff out of the barn, house, storage depot, under the bed… and it’s all hers!

    I am positive the first broken shovel handle (Darlin’ it ain’t a pry bar!) would raise a large sum (hey, she’ll be famous someday- buy this now and save!), the first find (age 3… we still don’t know what it is, or where it came from, or come to think of it where she was WHEN she found it… but she found her way back anyway, I guess). Even her sword collection (no wait, that’s too cool to do that- her BROTHER’s collection, maybe!)

    Of course it’s my fault she chose this course, she grew up with my enormous collection of junk and it grew daily- and we would travel occassionally to the waste bins around the factories to find treasures (too cheap to buy building supplies…. arrr).

    But seeing such an organization such as DtD develop such a nurturing posture makes me proud, and with the drinking that I’ve seen neophyte and seasoned archaeologists do (esp. at the Red Deer!) I would change my profession from eminent surgeon, gadfly and dilettante (d’ya know what that really means, bucky?!), to being a site assistant… a good year on site with a good camera and I’d have enough blackmail and bribes from all the shagging partners to retire…

    See, even an old fart can offer some ideas! So fix that link and I’ll send my jar of antique used nails and screws (the metal kind, but I like where your mind went), as well as 2 quid, as soon as I can borrow it.

    Keep up the good works!

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