Hello, Hello, Hello

What’f we got ’ere then?

Well you can appreciate the boys in blue’s initial concern. Someone rings to report an incident at the West household (no relation) involving a bunch of Skellies buried beneath the patio (sure they’re no relation?).

Batting for the Professionals, DI Stuart Palmer, from Archaeology Warwickshire, dived through some cardboard boxes, jumped in the Capri and sped round to Brookside Close sharpish.

‘Too late for this lot Guvnor,’ he was overhead telling colleagues back at CI5, ‘it’s the Saxon’s what dun it!’

Tutting loudly, the West’s eyeballs rolled North. ”I’ve heard of poor response times, but 1500 years is taking the piss. You can never find a cooper when you need one eh!’

Read more on this Pro-Am success story from Past Horizons HERE…

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  1. Billy Ray cowley says:

    Is there no limit to the depths of commercial salaciousness that so-called professionals will plumb for a bit of media coverage? The good name of archaeology is being dragged through the dirt. I can well image the West jokes that didn’t make that release. Soap on a rope indeed.

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