Bunnygate – The Saga Continues!

Just in time for the start of Wimbledon, internationally respected carrot cruncher Cllr. Alan Melton fired forth with yet another volley of gobshite tennis yesterday, with this little gem lapped up by the local rag:

“I don’t tweet, but what a wonderful day. To be attacked by bunny huggers, historic lefties and the vested interested professional classes. Eric Pickles will be extremely proud of me.”

In other news, our champions the IfA (Institute for Archaeologists) yesterday released a pre-statement statement, stating unequivocally that they will review the councillor’s statement, and have asked for a further clarifying statement, stating what state this latest statement will leave the state of the current state of affairs.

Not to worry, the loose consortium of ‘bunny huggers, historic lefties and vested interested professional classes’ that comprise ‘The Archaeology Forum’ (TAF) issued an actual statement (rather than a statement about a future statement) here…

To cut to the chase, they draw attention to the forthcoming debate of the Localism Bill in the House of Lords, bluntly asking our Lordships (like Sonia off East Enders): ‘Is that what you want? Is it? Well? CAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOUR GONNA GET!!!!’

Diggingthedirt says: For F***’S Sake! There’s a time for loving (23rd July) and a time for fighting (now). The CBA, IfA, EH, MFI, CIA and RAC have about 24 hours to grow a pair, before cancelling our subscriptions becomes a matter of honour.


  1. M S Leporidae says:

    Bunnygate – genius

    It is my dream come true but if we fail here i will go back to drinking on my lunch break.

  2. Paul Redish says:

    Cllr Melton is clearly in need of a rest, his job is obviously affecting him mentally. The man’s (I use this term loosely) a w***er

  3. M S Leporidae says:

    Bored with it all now. Never could take respectability in a debate – i much prefer snidey sarcasm from the side.

    anybunny for CotSex?

  4. Col Renfrew says:

    God, has anybody else noticed that bunny hugger is almost an anagram for nun buggery? We should call up the pope and get this deviant canonised. Obviously a nun buggering sinner and bajor baitor but the saviour of the church of archaeology should get his rightful trifle.

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