Shag an Archaeologist Day – Shag Props!

Shaginora! Check out these brand spanking new Shag Props! Specially designed to make you 2.5% more attractive, these cheeky little numbers are an odds on favourite to get you shagged on the 23rd July. Don’t believe us? See the explanations below to see just how shaggable you could become…

Shag Prop #1 – Monty’s iPhone
Impress all and sundry, with this low-tech answer to a high tech problem: how not to drop your phone in a dirty puddle. (Remember to turn off during love play.)

Monty's iPhone speckcase
Monty’s iPhone by Diggingthedirt

Shag Prop #2 – Cooking up a Storm!

Hey good looking – What you got cooking? Lull your quarry into a false sense of casual relaxation by cooking them a delicious meal, wearing our apron emblazoned with subtle encouragement. Before you know it you’ll be cooking up a sexual storm!

Cooking up a Storm! apron
Cooking up a Storm! by Diggingthedirt 

Shag Prop #3 – Discerning Gents Tie
Ding Dong! Yes, even project manager’s are getting in on the action, with this dashing neck garb for the man about town. A fathers day classic in the making.

Ding Dong! tie
Ding Dong! by Diggingthedirt 

Shag Prop #4 – Keep it Real Rad Dad!!
Strictly for the over 40s, this radical new skateboard is kick-flipping marvelous! Specially designed to do that spinny thing where you go round and round, and that jumpy thing where you jump up and the board comes up and then down. Awesome!

Rad Dad! skateboard
Rad Dad! by Diggingthedirt

Shag Prop #5 – Gertie’s Mouse Mat
Double click your mouse with this dazzling piece of computer wizardry! Mix and match with Monty’s mouse mat, to make a rather nice pair.

Gertie's Mouse Mat mousepad
Gertie’s Mouse Mat by Diggingthedirt 

Shag Prop #6 – Monty’s Mouse Mat

Computer love never felt so good! Use this wipe clean mouse mat to do some exciting internet ‘research’ for Shag an Archaeologist Day. Mix and match with Gertie’s mouse mat to make a delightfully pretty pair.

Monty's Mouse Mat mousepad
Monty’s Mouse Mat by Diggingthedirt 

Shag Prop #7 – Monty’s Shag Badge

Skint? No worries. You too can partake of some quality merchandise with these cheap but remarkably effective shag badges. A collectors item in the making.

Monty's Shag Badge button
Monty’s Shag Badge by Diggingthedirt 

Shag Prop #8 – Gertie’s Shag Badge
Show the world you shag with pride, with this super amazing good luck charm, guaranteed to help with that extended dry spell.

Gertie's Shag Badge button
Gertie’s Shag Badge by Diggingthedirt

Shag Prop #9 – Coffee, tea or me? (Hers)

Make us a Brew! What better way to wake up in the morning than with a lovely cup of tea. Serving suggestion: how about some nice buns?

Coffee, tea or me? (hers) mug
Coffee, tea or me? (hers) by Diggingthedirt 

Shag Prop #10 – Make us a Brew (His)
‘Fancy coming back to mine for a cup of coffee?’ ‘I don’t like coffee.’ ‘That’s a good job cause I don’t have any.’ Shag an Archaeologist Day Mugs: the last but by no means least… essential shag prop number 10!

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