The Top Ten Funny Archaeology Videos

Archaeology – no laughing matter – unless of course you’re taking the piss out of Time Team, in which case it’s hilarious. Pulled from the YouTube, these top ten videos are some of the best we’ve found – but perhaps you know of more? Stick your favourite’s down in the comments, or post them up on our facebook page. There’s a poll there too, for you to rearrange our top ten into your top ten and pick out your own number one. Enjoy – and Happy Friday from all at DtD!

1. Series of Small Walls

Eddie Izzard was awarded an OBE by Her Majesty the Queen in 2003 for ‘Services in taking the Piss out of Time Team,’ and this clip is ample proof why. Check out Number 9 where the man puts his money where his mouth is, as well as this one where the small walls people finally get their own back…

2. That’s the Rule!
Watched a gagillion times, Martin Freeman’s manic depressive Tony Robinson is still one of the funniest videos on the interwebs. How many of us have scrawled ‘it’s under so it’s older’ on context sheets over the years – ‘that’s the rule!’

3. Don’t Stop!
The irrepressible Tollan films have romped in at Number 3, with this tribute to both Michael Jackson and the excavators of Bu Maher Fort, Bahrain, last year. Is that an Arab Spring we detect in everyone’s step…?

Simon Davis: Don’t Stop!! from Anies Hassan on Vimeo.

4. We are History
David Oxley, B.A. (Hons) is guilty of loving the past, and so are we. The science of forensic archaeology in action.

5. Startling Discovery

Many a true word said in jest.

6. Bronze Age Bus Stop
There were times during the Celtic Tiger archaeology boom, when road scheme sites were staffed entirely by international archaeologists and Polish was the dominant language spoken. The ennui of a late Tuesday afternoon in February, snatched on a mobile phone video before the supervisor gives them a bollocking. Dig!

7. No Diggin Ere!
For those who like their comedy dark. Very dark.

8. Super Model! Coming Soon…
One for the boys.

9. Speed Archaeology
Now this is how it’s done!

10. Should I be back on the tablets
A pre-time team piss take of old school archaeologists. Four candles, anyone?


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