House of the Gladiators Collapse

Prank Caller to House of the Gladiators in Pompeii: ‘Hi can I speak to Mr Walls please?’

Gladiator: ‘Er, no I’m sorry I think you’ve got the wrong number, there’s no Mr Walls here.’

Prank Caller: Can I speak to Mrs Walls then?’

Gladiator: ‘… no you see Mrs Walls doesn’t live here either.’

Prank Caller: ‘What about the little Walls – Frank and Bob?’

Gladiator: ‘Look, I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice: there’s no Walls here, you’ve got the wrong number!’

Prank Caller: ‘No walls at all?’

Gladiator: ‘Exactly!’

Prank Caller: ‘Well what’s holding you’re bloody roof up then hahaha…’ (hangs up).

News here that the the Ancient Monuments Cull (as reported by diggingthedirt last week) has been rolled out across Europe by other right-leaning governments.

The collapse of the House of the Gladiators in Pompeii was reported by Reuters this weekend, and the episode is being interpreted as a consequence of chronic under investment by the State.

Some have proposed that the Market step in and take over, with the city of Pompeii privatised and run as a company. Disney have yet to declare an interest, but seasoned observers commented that it wouldn’t be the first time ‘Micky Mouse’ and ‘Archaeology’ have been used in the same sentence.

Read full story here…

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And hatch yourself a Michael Cane themed conspiracy here.. (I only told you to blow the bloody doors off!)

Cheers to Tinybitgreen for the tip off.

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  1. Emma Jones says:

    Unfortuneately Mickey Mouse would have more idea about the maintenance of the archaeological site…and would yet have to be influenced by the Camora…

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