Past Tense

And if you are in the present, thinking about the past: you must be bleedin mental!


  1. Pasadonius says:

    You scallywags – you know there is no such thing as future imperfect but fear ye not: a simple future will be past presently

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, the steers are all bum and mom wont make apple pie – howzit in Hardyland?

  2. Ouch! Think I saw something similar on an old episode of Bonanaza. Not to worry. No one likes dead people at a BBQ, and those patios won’t dig themselves!

    Jude’s still obscure (thanks for asking) and the less said about Tess the better. Word around the campfire is there’s something Godzilla big on the horizon.

    I’d be quaking in my fury rigger boots, if they hadn’t already been outlawed!

  3. Pasadonius says:

    Ive seen them there tracks in my dreams – though could’ve been a mirage – big medicine indeed. I have a small but perfectly formed spoon.

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