The Age of Protest

Occupy St Paul’s, occupy Wall Street, occupy hundreds of  locations world wide, and now – occupy a small trial trench evaluation in Somerset.

As reported in the Somerset Standard [HERE], the mindless actions of one disagreeable dingo very nearly brought the country to its knees:

“A one-man protest momentarily stopped work on a trench being built on what could have been the original site of a manor house in the heart of a village near Frome. Steve Wood sat in his deckchair in the path of a digger on Monday afternoon in protest at part of a field being dug up next to Kilmersdon Village Hall.

Mr Wood claims work carried out on behalf of the developer is part of an access road to a nine-house development which so far has not been given planning permission. He said the road is being built prematurely and should not be allowed until permission is granted.

However, an archaeologist said the work is part of an historic survey to discover what lies beneath the surface of the field prior to builders moving in and covering the area in houses.

Dr Brynmore Morris, from Southwest Archaeology, who is working on site, said that Government guidelines imposed a condition that investigations are made by developers prior to the permission being granted and work beginning on site.

He said: “The field is full of humps and bumps and indications are that it could have been the site of the early manor house.”

Mr Wood said he was unconvinced the trench was part of a historical survey.
He said: “This isn’t an archaeological dig, it is part of the access road being dug out before planning permission is given which as far as I am concerned is wrong and why I am making my protest.”



  1. Brian Cann says:

    I spent the best part of three weeks on this site, as a freelance archaeologist working for Southwest archaeology.

    Sorry Mr Woods but it was archaeology!
    Also I understand you live in Kilmerton but are not from there..
    So bit of the old incomer NIMBY going on me thinks!

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