The Lovers of Pound Hill

Mavis-Cheek Lovers of Pound HillBear with us, dear readers, as we take you on a journey into the unknown….

Diggingthedirt has reviewed some of the most august and essential books in archaeology, filled with plentiful material for deep thinking. This book is not one of them; with The Lovers of Pound Hill, archaeology has found its way into ‘chick lit’. Forget Bridget Jones – meet Molly Bonner, archaeologist, who arrives at the sleepy country village of Lufferton Bonney to discover the truth about a nearby (slightly obscene) chalk hill figure called the Gnome. Her investigations uncover not only the secrets of the Gnome but plenty about the villagers as well. Hilarity ensues.

One wonders at the cheek of Cheek, in that her leading lady’s black shiny boots and frilly skirts hardly call to mind a field supervisor or serious academic. But perhaps that is the point: much has been said lately about the identity crisis in archaeology, the lack of diversity, and the problem of the way that archaeologists are themselves perceived. Molly Bonner, and characters like her, could go far in providing alternative viewpoints about who actually does archaeology: that you can still be young and frilly – but still quite good at what you do.

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