Employee of the Month

What’s a Grecian Urn? Frankly f***all these days, but it used to be about 5 Euros an hour on average. 

Wanna piece of this?
Wanna piece of this?

All the more reason to celebrate August’s Employee of the Month – Vladimir Putin – who’s summer holiday trip was spent single-handedly rescuing priceless artefacts from Davey Jones’ Locker.

Vladimir Putin – we salute you! – and hereby award you ‘Employee of the Month’ – August 2011.

Who gives a toss whether he filled out a context sheet. Archaeology plc can only benefit from his sort of star dust, and we are digging his shit!

All suggestions for next months winner – stick em in the scribble box down bellow.



  1. Mrs Litvinenko says:

    I for one will always be grateful for Vlad’s willingness to share his stardust; Polonium 210 has a special quality not many will have opportunity to record on a context sheet outside of Moscow. I am though slightly perturbed that the pot has what looks like a fresh break!!

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