Archaeology Voyeurs, by Conor McHale


There were salacious peepholes cut in the site hoarding so deviant archaeology buffs could get their redfaced jollies watching us grit bedaubed mud jockeys do our thing. Periodically we would be asked by these depraved sickos:


‘Did ye find any gold!’

This, of course, never failed to raise a hearty chuckle from among our number and after wiping the tears of mirth from our eyes we always returned with our well honed four letter riposte.

The final post in the Meeting House excavation series – click HERE to read more from the bestest bizarrest blog in town.

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  1. Rena Maguire says:

    Oh I feel your pain as though it were my own. Because up til last Friday it was. Carrickfergus, behind St Nicholas’s church we had them asking if we had found their wage packs/lotto slips/lost betting dockets. Dunluce? we became the tourist attraction, trying desperately not to make eye to eye contact with tourists lest they communicate for too long.Being students, and well behaved ones at that, we smiled and tried to look benevolently intelligent ( difficult). Dont think I can face going to a zoo anytime soon…..( love these blogs, btw, but have no idea how to subscribe, being a technophobe)

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