Councillor Alan Melton Archaeological Clothing!

In celebration of the latest announcement by the Ministry of Daft Twats, our in-house team of historic lefties have rocked-up with zeitgeist site wear bang on trend with this seasons populist slogans. Introducing…

The brand new range of Councillor Alan Melton Archaeological Clothing!

Based on this genuine 1980’s Athena poster of an archaeologist hugging a bunny, the ‘Councillor Alan Melton Clothing Range’ can be summed up in just three words:

Hug it out Bitch!

So say it loud.

I’m a Bunny Hugger. And I’m Proud!


  1. Tomb says:

    Errmm… rabbits with their habit of burrowing into the earth have a tendency to destroy archaeological sites, so why on earth would anyone with the even the remotist understanding of archaeology be a ‘bunny hugger’?!

    Tomb (historically left behind)

  2. Hi Claire:

    Click the link under each T-Shirt, or check out the full range in our fashion emporium by clicking through in site contents…

    Happy Bunny Hugging Day!

  3. Doc Stu says:

    I am loving the ‘Eric Pickles would be proud of me shirt!’ So obscure, yet so right!

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