Edible Archaeology

Ever heard the expression you can’t have your site and eat it? No, neither have we. But checking out these beauties on the ‘cakes’ section of the Current Archaeology website, it seems the lost art of competitive baking is alive and well on digs up and down the land. You know the story:

Day 1 – someone brings a packet of hobnobs.

Day 2 – the bar’s raised with a jammy dodger.

Day 3 – someone goes off piste with the oreo’s.

Day 5 – normal service is resumed, chocolate digestives.

Day 6 – someone bakes a carrot cake, just to prove they can (ostentatious consumption).

Day 10 – Scale replica chocolate cake model of the site in cross section, with miniature trowels hand carved from Wearther’s Original (uncommonly good).

Day 15 – Full sized replica of the Medieval High Cross of Kildare, with associated monastery fashioned from dolly mixtures and jelly babies.

Day 16 – Cease fire called, and a ‘no-cake zone’ declared, with the threat of UN sanctions should the bake-off hostilities be resumed.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the hundreds and thousands on these bad boys…



  1. Vinnie Cable says:

    Someone brought a lovely replica mosaic cake to the office. Fantastic attention to detail with Diana blowing Mars, a kiss i think. Imagine my surprise as i munched on in. Havent eaten as much tile and marble since i slipped on the soap in the gents at St Pancrass. So i guess the moral is beware of tessermae when going down on a mosaic cake.

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