Diggingthedirt is Insulted!

Former vegetarian restaurant owner Mike Pitts is Editor of British Archaeology, and like the wholesome food he used to purvey, our Royal Wedding series seems to have given him wind and self-righteousness.

Take a sniff at this, wafted in our general direction by Pitts on his blog, ‘Digging Deeper and More Meaning-Fuller.’

‘I will write a note soon about the new British Archaeology which is out later this week. In the meantime, those of you who received their Current Archaeology this morning and wondered about the “Royal Wedding Special” cover and its succumbing to a “wedding fever sweeping the nation”, might like to know that British Archaeology features what’s happening to Egypt’s ancient past during the revolution, and a beckoning people’s archaeology in Britain.’

Otherwise translated as:

‘For all those who snorted with outright derision when that shit-rag and their “Royal Wedding Special” dumped on the doormat: relax man! British Archaeology Magazine’s just out, and its full of important archaeology that’s deep and meaningful: just like me, Mike Pitts, Editor of British Archaeology.’

Occasionally here at diggingthedirt  we comb our hair, spit-lick the mud off, and write a few words about archaeology your Gran could read and enjoy. That’s the point of a popular archaeology magazine.

Read more classics from Pitts the Elder below… Meanwhile, I’m off to get the word ‘Bothered’ tattooed on my forehead. Supremely Bothered.

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  1. Good on ya for writing this post. Personally, I quite enjoy your blog, and being a new blogger who is also an archaeologist, I understand that you have to write to appeal to a larger audience, which oftentimes includes writing about the Queen and/or Indiana Jones. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jesse James says:

    Personally i thought your words rather harsh and insensitive considering that he is a vegetarian

  3. Frank James says:

    My brother should have written ……considering that he is a former vegetarian restauranteur …. and i for one really enjoyed hengeworld, or was it westworld?

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