Schliemann: The Opera

A new rock-opera based on the life and times of the nineteenth century German archaeologist Henrich Schliemann is set to take this year’s Edinburgh festival by storm.

Adapted for stage by innovative nu-wave theatre company Ketamine Productions, the rock-opera explores complex themes of archaeological obsession and cultural disenfranchisement, bizarrely situating the action in a 1989 acid warehouse rave.

Check the clip below, sourced for DTD via Archaeopop, and watch local listings for more innovative acts of art terrorism coming soon.

Unless of course I’ve made some sort of Tragic Error?

One comment

  1. Dan says:

    WHAAAT?! I’m trying to imagine Schliemann watching this rock opera (acid opera) and giggling.

    I hope the show is exactly like this Tragic Error video.

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