Stonehenge Explained!

Archaeologists made a giant leap forward today when they discovered an Ikea style instruction manual during excavations adjacent to the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

The manual, carved on to a folded piece of birchbark, is believed to  date back many thousands of years, and was remarkably well preserved due to the wet, anerobic burial environment in which it was found.

Flat-pack expert Professor Ingvar Kamprad has made an initial assessment of the manual and said “this explains why Stonehenge  is well f***ed,” adding, “no wonder there’s so many pieces missing.” Further insights are expected when the initial results are published in this months Antiquity.

Source: Reuters (via Tinybitgreen)

Published in the QI H Annual. Written by Justin Pollard with input from John Lloyd and Stevyn Colgan.


  1. Kevin says:

    Stonehenge looks like a landing platform for UFO’s or Alien ships!
    Why would their be a crater around it?
    Over the years “they” have been unable to maintain it, now we make “them” hide under water, or in the sky.
    What do you think?

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