Archaeology Side Bar of Shame

To paraphrase the Bard:

Some people are born archaeologists, other people become archaeologists, whilst others have archaeology thrust upon them.

Spare a thought then for the poor demented Daily Mail reader, who’s wholesome rag has been sullied not just by your normal, run of the mill archaeological thrusting – but by gay archaeology, mincing (we presume) from somehwere on the right.

You probably missed it (being too busy keeping up with the Kardashians) but just imagine their disgust, whilst innocently perusing the Sidebar of Shame for gratuitous gossip and sexist slurs, on discovering that there were benders in the past too! The Filthy Bastards!!!

Read more on this shocker here… or glance down the right hand column for some wholesome news worthy goodness.

According to the mail: Czech archaeologists who uncovered what they believed was the world’s first gay caveman have located the village he belonged to nearby.


According to The Mail: One of the domestic jugs among the caveman’s remains. Normally only placed in female graves, the jugs suggest the caveman was either homosexual or transsexual. Then again, perhaps he just liked Jugs. Who cares anyway?! Yawn. Anyone catch the football?


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