Unlucky 13

Let’s here it for public service journalism. If only Newsweek’s ‘Daily Beast’ website had been out when we were rocking short pants, it would have saved a LOT of heart ache.

“In just a few weeks” they write, “hordes of freshly minted college graduates will be thrown out into the real world with one huge question on their minds: what now? Some, unfortunately, will be saddled with the unsettling feeling that their degree is not marketable in this tough economic environment, but for students with a few years to settle on a major, The Daily Beast looks into the numbers to find the 13 most useless college majors.”

Holding illustrious company with Fine Art, Drama, Film, Graphic Design, Architecture, Philosophy, English, Journalism, Music History and Political Science, come our own dear dear friendly twins – Archaeology and Anthropology.

The list is based on recent stats for graduate employment and earnings, but is perhaps equally slanted in favour of prevailing views of what constitutes useful, valuable and meaningful work in today’s cost-conscious world. Bizarrely, The Daily Beast have also included Hospitality Management in their list of pointless, useless degrees.

Hmmn, we wonder wryly: do you think they want fries with that?

Silly Pointless Useless Drama (Daily Beast)


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