Moment of Clarity

Love this photo – taken by someone who (worringly it has to be said) calls themselves ‘Shovelbumming.’

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you grit your teeth.

Shovelbumming expands:

“This is a quartz crystal projectile point that I found in the Creek house of site 1EE639. It isn’t a very nicely made point, but the material that it is made out of is beautiful. While pure quartz crystal like this is available in this area, finding a point made out of it is more rare. I worked on this site for 8 weeks during the summer of 2008, living in a tent at Fort Toulouse, which is a national historical site located only a couple of miles from this Creek Indian home, in the state of Alabama. It was a very surreal thing, as I liked to imagine that there was regular trading between the Indians living in this home and the fort. And, yes, it was extremely hot. But, we got fans and happily enjoyed every minute of our camp.”

Thanks for the share. Found HERE…

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