Gay Caveman: Putting the ‘Erectus’ back into ‘Homo’

Following the deeply unsettling revelations about the worlds first ‘Gay Caveman’ – as outed by the Daily Mail last week – results from DNA testing on the gay-bones have tracked his nearest living relative to a secret hideaway in Torremolinos, where he issued this exclusive comment:

“Yeah, it’s out there and who cares. Cavemen were gay: Deal with it!”

The world’s first gay was thought to be Mr. Humphries off ‘Are You Being Served?’ but archaeologists in the Czech Republic have discovered a Stone Age skeleton that pushes the first date for benders back at least 5000 years.

The excavation team’s lead researcher – Dr. Michael M. Ouse, was quoted as saying: ‘This is a truly exceptional find, proving conclusively that just like today, cavemen were homos.’

Such is the importance of the find of the Gay Caveman, other equally significant finds have unfortunately gone unreported this week – such as this startling discovery of the worlds first Welshman.

Diggingthedirt says: why do we blinking bother?

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  1. Owen Afortune says:

    I resent your snidey characture and contemptuous attempt to insinuate that welshmen are homo or stupid or have beards. I myself and most of my family sport a well-proportioned moustachio trimmed to frame the lips.

  2. Oliver says:

    @Owen, I think the ‘Welsh’ comment was about the skeleton below it: his genitalia are very close to the rear end of what I assume is a sheep. A snide remark about Welsh farmers, perhaps?

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