Archaeology staff get the Axe

This work of extraordinary beauty is called the Rathcosgrieve Axehead, and was found by Simon Moylan whilst ploughing a field near Galway in 1980. It’s 24.2 cm long, 9.8 cm wide and 4.6 cm deep. It’s also the most amazing axe I’ve ever seen, and that includes every museum I’ve ever been in. Thanks to Colm O’Doherety, one of our computer trainers, for bringinging it in to the office to show us (it usually lives on his Dad’s mantlepiece!).

In other news, archaeological jobs are being lost by their thousand. But while there’s music, and moonlight, and Neolithic-stone-axes-visually-identified-as-mudstone-with-flattish-oval-cross-sections-and-slightly-asymmetrical-cutting-edges-due-to-some-chipping, and love and romance, lets face the music and dance!

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