When you dig up the past, all you get is dirt…

Prometheus: the archaeology

Prometheus Archaeology

Archaeologists undertaking a routine trial trench excavation on a building site in Milton Keynes found that a king has a reign, then he dies. It’s inevitable. They discovered similarities between ancient civilisations, separated by centuries. And yet… this same pictogram was discovered in everyone of them.

I’m smiling? That’s because I think they want us to come and find them. It’s not a map. It’s an invitation.

Prometheus? Are you seeing this? They’re changing. Changing into what?

They’re leaving… to go to Earth. We were so wrong. Take us home! If we don’t stop it, there won’t be any home to go back to…

They went looking for our beginning. What they found. Could be our end.

Ridley Scott’s latest. Coming soon to a multiplex near you…

Big things have small beginnings.

This is going to be bigger than Jesus.


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